How To Make Money Offering A Social Bookmarking Service

How does a business maintain a competitive presence on the internet with so many websites available to view on the internet? How do they generate more visitors to their sites?

In order to attract more visitors and build traffic to their site, website owners opt to hire service providers who submit and promote awareness of their websites on various social media sites. Years ago, social bookmarking was pretty much about getting your content bookmarked on every site, no matter the quality, in order to generate as many links as possible, however now it’s quality and not quantity that counts!

Remember that the correct way to use social media and content curation sites is to use them on a regular basis. You need to be active, grow your following and most importantly engage with the audience, otherwise you won’t get the results you want and you can actually put your website at greater risk of a Google penalty.

In order to submit links to social bookmarking sites for yourself and other people, here are some steps you can take:

* Find quality bookmaking sites that are relevant to you, or your clients industry, products and target audience.

* Create complete profiles when setting up profile/account as you would with Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

* Quality over quantity – avoid syndicating content on as many sites as possible, relevancy is the key. Don’t use spammy automated bookmarking tools.

* Build a portfolio of good social media sites that will help other users. This can help you build trust; in other words people will be more likely to share, like or vote up your content.

* Be active – re-share other’s content, engage with people, ask questions and post comments.

* Start advertising your bookmarking service on social networks, amongst friends, on SEO Clerks, Fiverr, or via other traffic methods.

* Provide clients with reports on the number of sites you submitted and the links you have created for the customer.

How Exactly Do Social Bookmarking Services Generate More Visitors?

* Your sites get indexed faster in Google with deeper indexing.

* Improves quality. As more users bookmark a page, the site gains more relevance and traffic.

* Categorization. This defines the subject of the site; this effects your Google search engine ranking.

* Number of votes. Search engines see that your content is high quality.

How Much Can I Make Out Of Submitting Links To Social Bookmarking Sites For Other People?

You can make between $5 – $50 per each set bookmarks and posts, and slowly increase the rate you charge based on your turnaround time and expertise.

There are many sites you can use such as:

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Folkd, Reddit, Stumbleupon, A1webmark and many others.

Also on the market are various automated, semi-automated marketing software and social marketing tools that allows users to submit bookmarks to popular social bookmarking sites. (Helping you to automate your efforts!)

These tools significantly minimize the time and effort necessary to create accounts. Some automated social bookmarking tools permit the user to submit at least 10 URL’s daily.

These semi-automated tools include: SocialAdr, Onlywire and ImAutomater. Remember that you don’t need to pay, a lot of these sites work very well and are free.

How To Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites:

* Don’t use the same username on all these sites and keep variation when you submit a link. Apart from your own links, also submit links (high-quality) from other websites so that your profile looks legitimate. After all, automation is always seen as spamming. If you do it smart, you can get great results.

* Accentuate on the first paragraph. This is the first bit of text which should be constructed exclusively to catch the reader’s attention.

* Ensure that posts are relevant and accurate.

* Write a 100-150 short description that is informative and will attract the reader to your site.

* Submit the site in the most relevant category e.g. health, medicine, technology, etc.

* Check that facts, topics, spelling are all accurate.

* Respond to comments.

* Submit up to date news, articles etc. Avoid out of date news.

* Make it easy for people to bookmark the site.

In summary, it must be noted that social bookmarking websites have a higher page ranking and this implies that if more links are generated, then the bookmark may appear in the first few pages of any Google keyword search. Social Bookmarking at it optimum potential provides an outstanding platform for the website owner.

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